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The amount of responsibility I have at XXIX has an inverse relationship to my interest in making myself a new website, so when we decided to sunset Small Victories and I realized I'd have to re-platform my own website, I decided to move it to the quickest, easiest thing I could think of (and it turns out that this also reflects a lot of how my current think about design and web anyway).

Eventually I hope to move this to a "proper" website, but my most immediate consideration was being able to quickly and easily publish content. The next site will be an experiment in making in public.

✏️ Figma design file

🌐 v8 staging site

The previous version of this sit was built on Small Victories, a product I built with two friends that took the contents of folders on your computer and turned them into websites. It was set in GT America & Alpina (by my friends at Grilli Type). The site is archived here: